Akmenos Akhbar

A solitary conman with a slightly too large ego.


His dark eyes stare down at the three cards as he quickly manipulates them with black-gloved hands. The card is chosen; a joker, as usual. Akmenos thinks of his child as he takes the money from the addiction-driven fools. These coins will help his son, when he can finally meet him. Akmenos knows every alley in this town, the timetable of every person (helpful for burglary) and the patrol routes of every guard.

But every good thing must come to an end. The more people that know you, the harder it is to con them. Akmenos decided to take his belongings, and his pride to the mainland before he’s locked up for good. Maybe he’ll find his son too, only Bhaal knows.

Akmenos Akhbar

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