Welcome to the land of Castael

Casteal is an isolated mass land very far from anything but ocean and small little islands. It has a temperate climate and is surrounded by wrestling seas and calming shores. Castael is separated into 3 major land masses, the Gaping Isles, Castaellion and Castaelia. The Gaping Isles are where the scum, the exiles, the abominations and the evil reside. Castaellion is the where the common people live in their camps, hamlets, villages, towns and cities it is also where the capital of the land is. Castaelia is a island completely dedicated to training soldiers and guards for the whole of Castaellion, they also act independently as a force of inquisitors and missionaries spreading round the faith of the star gods to all the blind and deaf showing them the light. They have made an oath the purge all evil from the this land and have done so, but the gaping isles still hold on to their evil ways.


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